Central Etobicoke Area
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Central Etobicoke Neighbourhood Watch primarily covers the Central Etobicoke region, including neighbourhoods between Eglinton Avenue (to the north) and Bloor Street West / Dundas Street West (to the south), Highway 427 (to the west) and the Humber River (to the east).

About Central Etobicoke

The oldest communities in Etobicoke were developed along Dundas Street, which crosses the width of Etobicoke on an escarpment formed by the ancient shoreline of Lake Iroquois. This area centres around the Islington community, the former administrative centre of Etobicoke and later Etobicoke’s ‘downtown’ which is near the central ‘Six Points’ intersection at its western boundary.

Development of the eastern part of Central Etobicoke (originally a forest reserved for the use of government mills) was largely the work of Robert Home Smith starting about 1900 which included the communities of the Kingsway and Edenbridge. As Etobicoke developed in the post-war years, low density residential communities filled in most of the rural areas between the old communities, including Princess-Rosethorn and Eringate-Centennial-West Deane, as well as the older Eatonville community to the west of Islington. Central Etobicoke includes Etobicoke’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, with fine housing stock and many large treed properties. Along the East and West Mall parallel to Highway 427 exists a mix of hi-rise rentals, townhouses and post war bungalows. Read more »

Islington Village

Islington Village is part of the larger community of Islington-City Centre West and one of Toronto’s Central Business Districts. It is bounded on the north by Rathburn Road, on the east by Kipling Avenue, Mimico Creek and Islington Avenue, on the south by the Gardiner Expressway, and on the west by Etobicoke Creek and Highway 427. Islington Village has a mix of single family homes in the western area with numerous apartment towers now along Bloor Street. The area north of the Bloor-Dundas intersection is also known as Six Points. The Six Points area is a mix of single family bungalows and commercial storefronts along the main streets. Read more »

Thorncrest Village

Thorncrest Village is part of the larger community of Princess-Rosethorn. A collection of tree-lined streets north of Rathburn Road, between Kipling Avenue and Islington Avenue, Thorncrest Village was designed by architect and town planner Eugene Faludi and considered one of Toronto’s first modern suburbs. Village residents own three parkettes and a park with a clubhouse, tennis courts, swimming pool and playground. Read more »

Princess Gardens

Princess Gardens is part of the larger community of Princess-Rosethorn and encompasses both Princess Anne Manor and Princess Margaret, named after Princess Anne and Princess Margaret, members of the British Royal family. The area is bounded by Eglinton Avenue to the north, Martin Grove Road to the west, Islington to the east, and Rathburn Road to the south. The southeastern part of this area is the separate neighbourhood of Thorncrest Village. The portion east of Kipling Avenue is known as Princess Anne Manor while the portion west of Kipling is Princess Margaret. The southwestern part of the neighbourhood is also sometimes known as Glen AgarRead more »

West Deane Park

West Deane Park is part of the larger community of Eringate-Centennial-West Deane which is bounded on the west by Centennial Park and golf course, to the north by Eglinton Avenue West, on the east by Martin Grove Road, and on the south by Rathburn Road. The West Deane Park neighbourhood itself is considered to encompass the region east of Highway 427. Read more »


Eastonville is part of the larger community of Islington-City Centre West and is bisected by Highway 427, with the community generally located north of Dundas Street West and south of Rathburn Road. Eatonville consists mainly of low density residential homes (constructed primarily in the 1950s east of Highway 427, and in the 1960s and 1970s west of Highway 427). The main arterial roads in the community, such as The West Mall, The East Mall and Burnhamthorpe Road, contain a mix of rental and condominium high-rise apartments and townhouses. There are two shopping malls in the neighbourhood, Cloverdale Mall and Honeydale Mall, as well as community retail areas along Bloor Street West and Dundas Street West. Read more »

Humber Valley Village

Humber Valley Village is part of the larger community of Edenbridge-Humber Valley and a relatively affluent community. The boundaries are from Dundas Street on the south to Islington Avenue to the west, Eglinton Avenue to the north, and the Humber River in the east. This neighbourhood can be further broken down into smaller communities. The triangular quadrant north of Dundas from Islington to Royal York, but south of Reigate is known as Chestnut Hills. The area surrounding Edenbridge on the west side of Royal York is known as Lincoln Woods. Finally, the northern corner of Islington and Eglinton is sometimes referred to as The Greens of St. George’s. Sometimes streets in the neighbourhood become their own little community as well, for example people tend to connect to names like Valecrest, North Drive, Chestnut Hills, all of which are streets in this neighbourhood. Read more »

The Kingsway

The Kingsway is part of the larger community of Kingsway South and is one of the more affluent areas of Toronto. It is bounded by Bloor Street to the south, Dundas Street to the north, Mimico Creek to the west and the Humber River to the east. While the area was first known as “Kingsway Park,” popular usage drifted to “The Kingsway,” that being the name of the main road which winds through the heart of the area. The neighbourhood is predominantly residential with a mixed-use (commercial and residential) area along Bloor and Dundas Streets. The majority of the housing stock is single-family detached homes. There are apartment and condominium buildings near the Old Mill subway station, as well as in mixed-use buildings along Bloor and Dundas Streets. A rail line runs through the north-west quadrant of the neighbourhood. Parkland lines the banks of the Humber River and Mimico Creek. Read more »