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Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Purse Tip for the Ladies

I was recently shopping in Buffalo at the Galleria Mall at a high end department store and had this happen:

My significant other and I were going down the escalator. He was one step down from me. A guy in his early 20’s came running down the escalator and stopped exactly on the same step as my boyfriend and said ‘I’m in a hurry’ looking for my boyfriend to step to the side. Then he stood beside him, but he didn’t move… he kept standing there. I gave him a dirty look like ‘who do you think you are’ and then he went down the escalator. Immediately after this, his partner came running down the stairs at top speed from the top to the bottom. At this point I became a little wary.

When off the escalator, my boyfriend and I turned to the left and proceeded down the aisle. The first guy had gone to the right initially. All of a sudden, the 2 guys appeared exactly behind us, following us within 2 feet behind us. The stronger/bigger guy was behind me (the purse snatcher) and the smaller, more nimble guy with running shoes (the runner) behind my boyfriend. I felt they were going to grab my purse. They followed us all the way to the entrance at which point I grabbed my boyfriend and moved off to the right, out of the way of these guys. They proceeded into the exit foyer and stayed there.

My boyfriend went to get the car while I stayed in the store near the exit and watched them. They pretended to be on the phone and just hung in the foyer. They walked back and forth and would peek into the store from the side of the door. I kept staring at them so they moved to the right hand side trying to get out of my view. When my boyfriend arrived, I was scared to go ino the foyer, so I ran thru there and to the car and stared at them again. They were just standing at one side of the foyer near the outside door pretending to be on the phone.

I don’t think I was being paranoid. I think they would have stolen my purse if they stayed behind us into the exit foyer and outside. Be vigilant when you are shopping or walking with your purse. Ensure no one is invading your space. My mother’s wallet was stolen from her purse once in an Etobicoke department store without her even knowing. They pretended to stumble into her and said ‘excuse me’. Ensure your purse is always zipped up so it becomes more difficult to slip a hand in.

Stay safe and always vigilant.

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