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Monday, 28 January 2013

Recent Break-ins

Here are a couple messages from neighbours regarding recent break-in attempts:
“I live on Rathburn Road between The Wynd and Pheasant Lane. I’ve had a couple of recent attempted break-ins.  
1 month ago a kid in a light grey hoodie (thin, white, approx. 16-years old) tried to break into my backyard in the late afternoon but found the gate to be locked.  
Within the last week, someone tried to force the deadbolt, on my back mud room door. 
You can tell when this happens because the deadbolt no longer locks as easily as before and paint/doorframe wood is chipped directly in the area of the deadbolt.  
Please keep your eyes out for strangers in our area.”
Here is another recent example from a neighbour at Rathburn Rd. and Martin Grove Rd.:
“We had a similar break-in on Wednesday at 2 am. The description sounds like the same fellow. They had a white vehicle and parked right in front of the house. They were carrying tools/weapons to whack with. They smashed the bay window and came right in.”
Our next meeting will be late February or March.

If you have seen or heard anything suspicious, please contact the Police.
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