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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Update: Bell Canada Imposters

Here are reports from our members of 4 more Bell incidents that I received last week. Now we are up to 10. I have copied the Police including the detective assigned to this case.

Twyford Road / Abilene Drive
“Just found out a woman claiming to work for Bell approached my wife last week at 8:00 am as she was driving out of our garage on her way to work. She was asking where the Bell line was. My wife told her if you’re from Bell you should know that. Note: we don’t subscribe to any Bell services.” 
Twyford Road
“You can add Twyford to the list of Bell Impostors (woman).  Plus they did go into the backyard, left the gate open. Which if I had not checked before letting my Chihuahua out could have been a disaster.” 
Random Street (Kipling Ave. / Rathburn Rd.)
“I am emailing you just after calling the police since they have moved to this side of the street... no ID, very polite 2 ladies, no Bell car, no letterhead in their clipboard papers... and couple of pictures in my cell phone... Police took the call, asked for my info and still waiting to see if they come-drive by... imposters did not like me taking their picture... they just said they worked for a company contracted by Bell but had no ID, no cards, the paper on the clipboard had no letterhead... and they were quite fast on moving on once I told them I called the police...” 
Islington Avenue
“This afternoon, a man with a long pole and a black board, was ‘inspecting’ the back fence between me and the property that backs onto mine. As the property backing on to me is in terrible condition, messy, lots of brush, lots of garbage, hasn’t been touched in over 7 years, I was curious but not alarmed. I wasn’t able to get out quickly to ask what he was doing. He walked south along the fence and disappeared. Does anyone have any idea what this guy might have been doing? He was quite tall, about 45 years old, clean shaven, light brown hair, wearing brown clothes but not in a uniform. Any information might be helpful.” 
Thank you to all 4 of you. And especially to Bonnie, for taking 3 shots of the 2 women at her home. Stay safe.

If you have seen or heard anything suspicious, please contact the Police.
If you see a crime in progress, please call 9-1-1 immediately.

Previous Update

We are up from 4 to 6 Bell imposter incidents in Thorncrest Village.

Another one on Pheasant Lane
“Unfortunately you can add Pheasant Lane to the list. I came home early last week and peered out my back window to find a man and a woman were in my backyard with clipboard and looking official appearing to scope out a pole. It was probably the same con artists referred to by other neighbours. They quickly left without incident but must have had plenty of time to complete their task.“ 
One additional in Thorncrest
“These creeps came to our house at night – after dark – nattering about Fibe, which I had previously confirmed from Bell that it has no ETA date for Thorncrest. Unfortunately the person who answered the door, did not know their pitch was a fraud. Wish I had and had the great hint to take pictures of the fraudsters.”
We have spoken with Bell Corporate Security and 22 Division Major Crimes Unit. 22 Division will be speaking to all 6 of us who experienced the incidents, investigating further and putting together composite sketches with our help. Both Bell Canada and 22 Division are being very helpful. Thank you to Lynn Larson of Bell Canada and my appreciation to Sharon Ruscigno who reported the first incident. Without Sharon’s email I would not have been as vigilant as I was with the Bell Imposters who came to my door.

Previous Update

We are now up from 2 to 4 incidents in Thorncrest Village.

The new incidents are as follows
“A Pheasant Lane resident also had a visit from the same people who came to my door on Rathburn – man and woman with safety vests, although his visit was at night vs. mine during the day. The resident brushed them off quickly, but does have them on video tape. He has said he is happy to provide 22 Division and Bell Corporate Security the tapes.”
The other new incident was on Sir Williams Lane
“With regards to your second report (the Bell rep on March 18), I just wanted to confirm that Bell may have been sending out door-to-door sales reps in Thorncrest Village telling residents that Fibe is now available in the neighborhood. I also had someone show up on a snowy night around March 18 on Sir Williams Lane. He seemed to be in his mid-to-late 20s, dark-skinned, wearing a ski jacket and backpack and said he was from Bell. I didn’t notice any obvious ID on him, but it was dark. He made some comment about the bad weather and I simply told him that I would call Bell myself if I was interested in Fibe. When I called Bell later to confirm whether the rep was legitimate, it was confirmed to me that they sometimes send reps from door to door when Fibe becomes newly available in a neighbourhood. When I asked the call centre to confirm whether Fibe was available at my address, I was eventually told that it was. 
It should be noted however, that the Bell website initially said Fibe was not available at my address (when I checked using my postal code). When I called Bell’s call centre to confirm this (using my postal code), they first told me it was not available, but when they checked again (using my address and phone number), they told me that it was available. That doesn’t prove that rep who visited me was legitimate, but he may have been.”
However, please note that many of us in the neighbourhood have been told by Bell that it is not available.

22 Division Police are now aware of all 4 incidents. Additionally one of our members is with Bell Canada and was good enough to share all of this with Bell Corporate Security. Bell is taking this seriously and is working with 22 Division on this.

Be cautious if they approach your home and try to take a pic of them if you can.

Original Report

Bell Canada Employee Imposters – Scoping for future break-ins.

Be aware that there are people targetting our area posing as Bell employees to scope out your property for future break-and-enters. Here is the detail regarding the incidents which occurred on Rathburn Rd. and on Thorncrest Rd.

Rathburn Rd. – March 27
“Yesterday I had a white clean cut guy and an eastern european looking woman come to my door at 2:30pm.

They said they were with Bell and the guy had an old Bell Aliant ID card on – I know that Bell Aliant only operates in the East coast provinces and the logo was atleast 4 years out of date. The woman didn’t have anything ‘Bell’ on her, but had a paper that they tried to make look like a survey, but was nothing like what  a telco carrier would use. They had bright orange vests on and no vehicle.

I relayed all of the above to them and asked them for business cards – they looked shocked and had no business cards. The guy said “he just moved from New Brunswick and it was his first day” (they are fast thinkers).

They wanted to get into my backyard to check on the ‘Fibe cabling’. I knew we cannot get and do not have Fibe TV in our area, nor was there anything related to Bell cabling in my backyard. I told them they would NEVER get into my backyard without business cards. The woman offered for me to call her ‘boss’. I know from working with Bell that they never use the term ‘boss’ but rather ‘manager’.

These were fakes.

I shut the door, then watched them go to my neighbour’s house who were not home, then walk down the street to the next house on the north side of Rathburn Rd. They are obviously scoping out for future break-ins.

I have spoken with the Police, they agreed they are total imposters and they will be increasing patrols looking for these people.”
Thorncrest Rd. – March 18
“I wanted to ask you if you have had any neighbours express concern about Bell reps coming door to door selling Fibe TV, internet and cell packages. We had two guys come to the door last night at 9:10 – one wearing a Bell jacket.

After they left we checked Bell’s website to see if Fibe was available in our area – which it is not – and a call to Bell this morning confirmed that it would not be for the next three to six months at least. They could not understand why Bell reps would be door to door selling something not yet available.”
A Police report is being completed on this incident as well.

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