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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Vandalism in Markland Wood

This report comes from our neighbours in Markland Wood:
“A Markland resident has reported the following incident. A man in a pick-up truck went to the door and told the resident that their chimney needed some work. The man had two children in his truck. He asked if he could go up on the roof to take a look. The resident agreed. He ended up going up and took part of the chimney apart. He came down and asked if he could go in and look at the fireplace. She let him in and he looked around complimenting the home and then asked if she wanted to get the chimney repaired. She said that she had to talk to her husband. He then asked where he was and she told him at work. He asked where he worked and what time he would be home and she told him. The man returned and quoted $1,600 to do the work. When the husband asked for a business card the man said he had forgotten them at home but would go and get them and come back. He left but never returned. The resident was fortunate enough to have a family friend come by and put the chimney back together. 
Please be on the look out for anything suspicious such as this. As I said in this month’s Marklander, do not allow strangers onto your property or into your home who claim to be representing a company or claim to want to “fix” something for you.”
If you have seen or heard anything suspicious, please contact the Police.
If you see a crime in progress, please call 9-1-1 immediately.

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