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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Car Theft in Central Etobicoke

Our resident writes about this incident on June 18:
“Last Tuesday June 18th our Toyota Highlander was stolen from our drive way. We now know from our neighbours security camera that it drove away at 4:15 am and they must have had a key made for it, because we were in possession of both sets of keys. The sad part of the story is that we bought it at Toyota on Front. It was 4 years old and just came off lease, so we called them up to buy it out. They suggested for our convenience they would send a driver to take it downtown for the day on June 11th for the safety and emissions test. So we did, and 7 days later someone drives it away? Another interesting fact is we had never been to Toyota on Front since the day we picked it up 4 years ago, we used Ken Shaw for all our service, so Police are able to pin point the 5 hours they had it in their possession. Be very careful with dealerships, and how they care for your keys while being serviced. This one sounds very suspicious. Police have sent the case to the special crimes unit.” 
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