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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Robbery (Home Invasion) at Strath Ave. / The Kinsgway

We recently received the following report from Strath Avenue:
“On Saturday night (4:00 am Sunday) there was a break-in on Strath Ave. The thief broke a front window (partially obscured by a tree) and the alarm was not triggered, although it was on. The room was not equipped with a glass break detector. There were no cars in the drive and one light on in the house. The thief started on the top floor and worked his way down to the basement, taking primarily jewellery and electronics. The teenage son was home alone, sleeping in the basement and only awoke when the thief entered his room. He did not see the thief — was told to look away, was then blind-folded and hands tied behind his back with clothing. After some dialogue the thief said he would put his gun (not seen) away as he felt the boy would cooperate. He then took him upstairs and had him sit nearby while he finished. Then he escorted the boy back to his room, told him to lay down and count to 150 before calling the police. He asked about the alarm and the boy confirmed they had one. The thief exited the front door at which point the alarm went off.”

The police apparently have seen similar incidents and suspect the same person. The thief sounded like a young man, but very calm and experienced. The police mentioned that 99% of break-ins occur during the day, so it was unusual. They also mentioned that there have been a number of night break-ins (unrelated) in the area where the perpetrator just touches people but does not take anything (also very creepy). Some things the police recommended are: video cameras (said there are good ones at Costco) and glass break detectors on your security system.”
This incident has also been reported by the Toronto Police Service:
“A 17 year old male reports that on August 25, 2013 between 3:30 am and 4:05 am, he was in his residence in the area of The Kingsway and Strath Avenue, when a male suspect gained entry to the premises by forcing a window. The suspect bound the victim’s hands, blindfolded his eyes and indicated he had a firearm, although no firearm was seen. The suspect ransacked the premises and fled the scene in an unknown direction. Removed was a quantity of computer equipment and a cell phone. No injuries were sustained by the victim. Police are requesting the assistance of the public in identifying the following described person in connection with this offence.”

Suspect: Male. No further description available.
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