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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Break-in at Sir Williams Ln. / Thorncrest Rd.

A neighbour reported the following incident which occurred on December 31, 2013 near Sir Williams Lane and Thorncrest Road:
“We were on our way to a New Year’s Eve party at around 7pm and saw a police cruiser sitting at the corner of Sir Willams Lane and Thorncrest Road. The officer told us that there was a break-in at around 6:00 pm. The thief apparently broke into the house through a back window, set off the house alarm, and then escaped through the front door. The neighbour later told us that they did not think anything was stolen. Needless to say, after speaking to the police officer, we immediately returned to our own house and turned on all of our outside lights (and some indoor lights) before continuing to our party.”
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