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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Important Notice About Mechanical Leaf Collection in Thorncrest Village

Dear Neighbours,

As you may be aware, Thorncrest Village, Princess Anne Manor and the surrounding areas are currently undergoing a major hydro construction project. Normally by this time of year, city crews would have already come by twice to collect leaves left by residents at the side of the road. The time window for mechanical leaf collection this year was November 11-29, 2013.

This year however, many of the residents have had no leaf collection at all, leaving large piles wet and muddy leaves on most of our neighbourhood streets. If you have not yet received mechanical leaf collection in your area, please call 311 and file a report for a missed collection.

For the last several weeks we have been inquiring about this issue with the city and local work crews. Each time, we have been told that the local work crews would not block traffic for mechanical leaf collection. When we called to inquire about this with the city, we was told to deposit our leaves at the side of the road as usual and simply call 311 after Nov. 29 to file for a missed collection. A report for a missed collection was filed on Nov. 30 and when we called again back on Dec. 2 to follow up, we were told that the complaint had been closed without any further investigation and to put our leaves in bags for regular yard waste collection. According to 311, the city has no plans to advise local residents that there will be no mechanical leaf collection this year.

Please note, the last day for yard waste collection in the affected areas is Friday, December 13, 2013. If your leaves have not been picked up by this date, there will be no more yard waste collections until March 2014.

Several complaints have since been filed with the city with regards to how this situation has been handled. Driving around our neighbourhood, there are easily about a hundred affected homes with large piles of wet leaves on their front lawns. This has the potential to pose major problems with water drainage, snow melt, and blocked storm drains over the next 4 months. Our report for a missed collection was re-opened and escalated, but we were told it could be up to 4 weeks before any action is taken by the city.

So, if you live on a street where there has not yet been any mechanical leaf collection this year, please call 311 and report it. If more residents report missed collections in this area, perhaps the city will act more quickly.

On the other hand, if you wish to bag your leaves for regular yard waste collection, remember that the last day for yard waste collection is Friday, December 13, 2013.

If all else fails, we were advised by 311 that residents should talk to their local city councillor, Gloria Lindsay Luby at (416) 392-1369.

Thank you.

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