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Friday, 25 September 2015

22 Division Weekly Crime Stats (September 17 - 23)

Weekly Crime Stats (September 17 - 23, 2015)
The officers at 22 Division have been publishing weekly crime statistics on their Facebook page. These maps provide a good indicator of the crime trends in our area and other surrounding communities.

Police Disclaimer: Valid at the time it was produced. Some of these stats are subject to change. Users should not rely on the information or data provided herein for comparison purposes over time, or for any reason.

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22 Division Weekly Crime Stats (September 17 - 23, 2015):

Break & Enters (Total 10)
2 houses, 4 apartments, 4 commercial, 1 arrest

Robberies (Total 2)
2 outside

Theft of Vehicles (Total 1)
1 from parking lot/street

Theft from Vehicles (Total 9)
1 from residential driveway, 8 from parking lots/streets

Assaults (Total 12)
2 houses, 6 apartments, 1 commercial premise, 2 outside, 1 transit, 8 arrests

If you have seen or heard anything suspicious, please contact the Police.
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