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Our home is our castle. It’s where we live and where we raise our families. For this reason, we need our homes to be a safe and protected space. Below are just some of the online resources available addressing tips for securing the safety and security of your home.

Crime Prevention: please visit the 22 Division CPLC website at

Fire Prevention: please visit the Toronto Fire Service Safety and Fire Prevention website at

Emergency Medical Services: please visit the Toronto EMS Safety Tips website at

Describing a Suspect

If you have witnessed or are reporting a suspicious incident or individual to the Police, it is important to take note of as many of the following details as possible. Every detail matters.
  • Clothing: What was the individual wearing?
  • Time/Date: What was the approximate time and date of the incident?
  • Vehicle: What make and model of vehicle was the individual driving?
  • Size/Weight: What was the approximate height and weight of the individual? (You can use words like tall and thin, short and stocky, etc.)
  • Hair/Skin Colour: What colour was the individual’s hair or skin colour?
  • Facial Hair: Was the individual clean-shaven or not?
  • Accent: Did the individual have an noticeable accent?
  • Other: Were there any other distinguishing traits or features?

Home Security | Transit Safety | Senior Safety | Distraction Theft | Online Safety

For more information on Home Security, please visit the 22 Division CPLC Crime Prevention page at